Clinical Nurse Specialist Toolkit: A Guide for the New Clinical Nurse Specialist

This is a valuable resource for new clinical nurse specialists as they begin their journey. It provides excellent guidance that will help new graduates as they negotiate new positions and develop new roles in healthcare organizations.Score: 95, 4 stars --Doody's The Clinical Nurse Specialist Toolkit serves as a one-stop, all-inclusive guide designed for novice Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) just getting started in this exciting ne...

Aspects of Pacemakers – Functions and Interactions in Cardiac and Non-Cardiac Indications by Oliver Vonend

Outstanding steps forward were made in the last decades in terms of identification of endogenous pacemakers and the exploration of their controllability. New "artifical" devices were developed and are now able to do much more than solely pacemaking of the heart. In this book different aspects of pacemaker - functions and interactions, in various organ systems were examined. In addition, various areas of application and the potential ...

Osteotomies for Posttraumatic Deformities

Osteotomies in the treatment of degenerative and posttraumatic arthritis seem to be a lost art. Even for young patients joint replacement is in vogue. An international group of renowned surgeons present an outstanding hands-on approach to perform correction osteotomies in posttraumatic deformities from the clavicle to the foot. Most of the content is based on case presentations and each case provides step-by-step description of case ...

Astrocytes in Brain Aging and Neurodegeneration

256 pages, 67 figures, 6 tables, hardcover This monograph is the first of its kind to focus specifically on the role of astroglia in aging-related human neurodegenerative disorders and experimental models of CNS senescence and degeneration. As such, this volume in the Neuroscience Intelligence Unit Series represents a novel and important contribution to the basic and clinical neuroscience literature. The chapters are grouped into thr...

Forensic Human Identification

Identity theft, criminal investigations of the dead or missing, mass disasters both by natural causes and by criminal intent – with this as our day to day reality, the establishment and verification of human identity has never been more important or more prominent in our society. Maintaining and protecting the integrity of out identity has reached levels of unprecedented importance and has led to international legislation to protect ...

Lecture Notes on Clinical Skills

A firm favourite of medical students and junior doctors, Lecture Notes on Clinical Skills covers the essential principles and techniques of history taking and examination, and provides guidance on the key professional skills involved in developing and maintaining good communication between doctor and patient. This new fourth edition has been revised to provide up-to-date information on procedures and a greater emphasis on the patient...

Anxiety Disorders (Primer On)

Anxiety affects millions, manifesting as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, phobias, post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD), and social anxiety disorder. Not only are anxiety disorders common, but they are also crippling, frequently co-occurring and predict high risk for depressive disorders. Shared mechanisms may explain the overlapping features of many anxiety disorders and account for...

Handbook of CTG Interpretation: From Patterns to Physiology

This book promotes an evidence-based paradigm of fetal heart rate monitoring during labour, with a move away from the traditional 'pattern-based' interpretation to physiology-based interpretation. Chapters are presented in a systematic and accessible format, covering topics such as non-hypoxic causes of fetal brain injury, pre-existing hypoxia, types of intrapartum hypoxia, erroneous monitoring of maternal heart rate, fetal scalp blo...

Paolo Carinci, Marcello Barbieri, "Embriologia", 2 edizione

Questa seconda edizione di embriologia illustra lo sviluppo umano in modo chiaro e conciso, guidando il lettore dai concetti classici dell'embriologia fino ai meccanismi dello sviluppo embrionale che la ricerca sta lentamente portando alla luce. Lo scopo è quello di presentare l'embriologia umana non più come una scienza puramente descrittiva ma come una disciplina che sta diventando sempre più una vera e propria biologia dello svilu...